November 8, 2015



Sacred Foreplay & Sexual Vitality Weekend Intensive – Los Angeles

Learn the Secrets to Vibrant Sexual Health & Orgasmic Conscious Intimacy

Join renowned Global Wellness Educator SOLLA in Los Angeles for an Intensive 2-Day Workshop where you will explore ancient Taoist & Tantric practices and discover life-changing secrets for health, longevity, sexual vitality and conscious intimacy.


Discover advanced techniques to turbo-charge your sexual energy, help you feel younger and more vibrantly alive, and awaken your body to experience pleasure beyond anything you can imagine. These ancient practices are also tremendously helpful for those suffering from impotency, painful intercourse or menstruation, decreased libido, vaginal dryness and the effects of menopause.

Increase blood flow to the genitals • Increase stamina and sexual energy • Improve sexual health & function • Achieve harder, longer-lasting erections • Prevent prostate cancer • Balance your hormones • Increase lubrication and sexual pleasure • Slow the aging process

Day One Practices will include:

•Internal Organ Detox Therapies (Chi Nei Tsang & Kar Sai) to cultivate peak sexual health
•Women’s Sexual Energy Cultivation, including ancient Taoist Jade Egg practices for women’s health & sexual vitality (jade egg will be provided free at the workshop – an $85 value)
•Male Sexual Energy Cultivation & Seminal Fluid Retention for optimal sexual vitality
•Daily Self Care and Shared Sexual Energy Cultivation for couples


With the assistance of Sacred Foreplay expert Marc Rosenbush, Solla will show you how to take what you’ve learned on Day One to the next level by exploring advanced techniques for ecstasy and intimacy with your partner!

Expand your heart to experience deep connection • Enjoy wave upon wave of explosive, full-body orgasms • Drive your partner wild with desire and pleasure • Make love for HOURS… DAYS… LIFETIMES…

Day Two Practices will include:

•Heart-opening intimacy exercises
•Tantalizing Touch techniques
•24 Hour Foreplay techniques for keeping the excitement alive all day
•Cultivating Male Multiple Orgasms
•Cultivating Amrita (female ejaculation) and g-spot orgasms
•A beautiful Adoration Ceremony


•Advanced Sacred Foreplay Genital & Sacred Spot Massage techniques that will blow your partner’s mind!

Sacred Spot Massage is one of the most powerful and potentially life-altering experiences a human being can have. It involves gentle, penetrating touch in the pelvic region, and can be relaxing, nurturing, healing and wildly pleasurable all at once. This is very deep work which can sometimes trigger strong emotions, and the practice is wonderful for healing and releasing blocks or issues related to sexuality, shame and body image. Best of all, it expands our capacity to feel alive, awaken to joy and ecstasy, and experience amazing, full-body orgasms!

Our Sacred Foreplay training will begin with a live demonstration of a highly advanced sacred spot technique that combines the elements of the Taoist and Tantric traditions for maximum pleasure and release. Participants will then have the unique opportunity to practice with their partners, with live, personalized coaching from Solla and Marc.


While this event is primarily for couples, singles may attend with a partner. If you can’t find a partner with whom to attend, please let us know and we’ll try to match you with someone.

Please note that there will be nudity and sexual touch happening in this workshop (though you will only touch and be touched by your partner). This event is definitely NOT for everyone. You should only register to attend if you feel you will be comfortable learning in this environment.

The workshop will be held in a west side location, TBA.

In order for Solla to give each participant as much focused attention as possible, SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Don’t miss out on this incredibly rare opportunity to turbo-charge your sexual vitality, expand your capacity for joy and ecstasy, and engage in deep, conscious intimacy.